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We love partnering to develop customized IT and data solutions that fit business needs and goals perfectly. Take a look below for our Theoris case studies and a few of our favorite projects that we have had the pleasure to build.

From data + visualization and unique queries to data capture, analysis, and real-time data insights, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as we outline each client challenge, the solutions, and the results. 

Data Management | Data + Visualization

Data Quality and Data Migration are becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive business landscape. Theoris can design, build and deploy high-performance, reliable, secure, and easy-to-manage database solutions for sharing information in the most demanding businesses. Our experts bring business advantages and improved decision-making to all levels of your organization through scalable business solutions, powerful data warehousing, and data movement.

Real Time Data Insights
Real-Time Data Insights

Technologies: Node 12, Vue 2, Azure App Services, Azure Postgres Database
Industry: Regulatory Compliance Auditing

Our client wanted to launch a new product that provides insights and statistics into how users adhere to regulations on an organizational level, and in comparison to the industry as a whole. The client also wanted to have administrative insights into how they were performing in managing, tracking, and executing audits for their users.


Genomic Research Systems

Technologies: Java/J2EE, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, AJAX
Industry: Life Sciences

Our client requested a custom software solution that would preserve the privacy of a patient’s clinical trial and specimen data while allowing researchers to query across all data.


Clinical Data Repository

Technologies: Java/J2EE, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, AJAX
Industry: Life Sciences

Our client needed a custom software solution that would improve the flow of clinical data through their organization. Improvements were needed throughout the system, from the point when data was captured, through the analysis, and into the archival process.


Application Development

A company’s business processes and procedures are unique and specifically built to optimize efficiencies and provide market share growth. This process should not be changed to accommodate a packaged solution. Theoris specializes in the design and development of full-cycle, cost-effective, custom solutions that are built specifically to fit within our client’s unique vision.
Job Costing and Tracking (JCAT) Application

Technologies: C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, .Net MVC 3
Industry: Manufacturing

Theoris Solutions designed, developed, and implemented a custom software application for a client that tracks job flow and costs; allowing the Lafayette, IN manufacturing company to stay ahead of the competition by continuing to deliver their products on time and under budget.


Home Healthcare Enterprise System

Technologies: PHP, Postgres SQL, JavaScript
Industry: Healthcare

The company outgrew its systems and needed to upgrade. The current system required too much oversight. Their implementation timeframe was tight. The client had 200 customers and had to manually export all information from the old system, thus a mapping and migration strategy had to be created.


Portfolio Management Application

Technologies: C#, .NET Core JavaScript, SQL, SQL Server, Microservices
Industry: Financial

Theoris assisted both with the support of the legacy system and supported the client with migration from Mainframe to .NET Core and ongoing application maintenance and support for 3 large Portfolio Management Applications in the financial industry.


Custom Web Development

There are two main levels of website development of which most companies specialize in only one level (front-end or back-end). The Theoris team provides full service website development for both front-end and back-end creation. Whether it is a custom database solution, e-commerce site, or brochure page, our team can develop a site perfectly suited for our client’s needs.
Foreign Language Website Project

Industry: Law Firm

As one of only 26 US-based firms licensed to practice in China, the client identified a need to extend the scope of its website. The approach used by the firm to develop a website using internal resources prior to Theoris’ involvement was unsuccessfully deployed.


Web Application eCommerce Site

Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX
Industry: Internet of Things

Entrepreneurial start-up devised a paint by number concept to transform digital photographs into paint by number canvases, allowing consumers to create paintings using up to 10 colors. The project’s first phase developed photo-processing software followed by a second phase to accept payments for digital transactions.


Cloud Strategy

Design and development of full-cycle, cost-effective, custom solutions. Whether public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud, we partner with you to understand your objectives. Our expertise with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure enables us to design the best solution.
Premium Reporting Portal

Technologies: Java 11 (w/ Spring framework), React 16.8 (w/ Redux), Azure App Services, Azure SQL Server
Industry: Insurance (Large Fleet / Trucking)

The client was experiencing significant overhead in several areas in part due to Excel spreadsheets and manual communication to manage premium collection for the company. This involved manually tracking individual monthly premium due dates and amounts in Excel and sending individual emails when insureds were due or delinquent.


Additional Case Studies

Connected Care Cloud

Technologies: Amazon Web Services
Industry: Node.js, Docker, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda

The client wanted to augment their technical team with expertise in system design for microservices deployed to Amazon Web Services.


Data Analytics Consulting

Technologies: Enterprise Data Warehouse
Industry: Energy Market Operations

The client wanted credible and timely information to assure the reliability of a key North American power grid region. An explosion of big data and an outdated data warehouse meant in-house data experts couldn’t service the quickly rising backlog of analytical development projects or support the organization’s need to deploy self-service data analysis.


Non-Profit Salesforce Consulting

Technologies: Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud and Nonprofit Sucess Pack
Industry: Healthcare

The client was unable to accurately record donor information and sync information between their website, Salesforce, and Quickbooks. All of their processes involved manual entry and were inputting the same info in multiple places. They also didn’t have the ability to use their contact information for marketing emails.


Process And Staffing Review

Solution Type: Documentation
Industry: General Manufacturing

Our client has several concerns about process efficiencies, speed-to-market improvements, and resource/knowledge retention for the New Product Development team (NPD). There is also a desire to reduce delivery time while maintaining or potentially improving current high-quality and operational challenges regarding knowledge retention and the impact of losing institutional knowledge when engineering resources exit.


InTempo Rental Fulfillment App

Technologies: .NET MVC/JavaScript/LESS/SignalR/HTML
Industry: Equipment Rental Providers

The client needed the ability to manage incoming requests through the fulfillment process and provide a means to relay the information to the employees in the equipment yard in real-time without requiring printouts or excessive travel to and from the office. The client also needed to interface with an existing AS400 database of equipment.


Profile Sync

Technologies: .Node.JS (w/ Hapi.JS framework), PostgreSQL
Industry: Finance (Student Loan Origination/Refinance)

The client was recently acquired by another corporation. Both the client and the new parent company had existing web portals for customers and customer support personnel to manage loan and customer demographic information.


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