Tailored Business Intelligence & Data Strategy Services

Curious how business intelligence (BI) and data strategy can help your organization manage data through the full cycle, as well as mission-critical processes and business decisions? Think integration, visuals, reporting, user experience, and cloud initiatives. BI and data strategy solutions can help take you full circle from the backend to the frontend of your data and really enhance your operations. 

In BI and data strategy, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s all about your company’s specific needs and creating a scalable solution to match those needs and business goals.

Theoris has been getting’ it done, 40 years and counting. We are an IT and engineering consulting firm specializing in infrastructure, BI, data strategy, and managed data services, We work alongside you to create and implement an effective BI and data management plan. We’ve seen it all. No matter your data hurdle, our team can help you overcome it through:  

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Project-Based Solutions
  • Technical Talent Sourcing

Proven Track Record & Scalable Solutions

Theoris has a proven track record of providing scalable business solutions and project-based services for our clients in the area of BI and managed data services. 

We also offer the flexibility of being focused on a specific lifecycle stage based on our clients’ needs (i.e. development, design, testing, documentation, etc.).

Client Success Stories

Real Time Data Insights


Regulatory Compliance Auditing

The client wanted to launch a new product that compares how users adhere to regulations in their businesses to the industry as a whole. The client also required administrative insights into how well user audits were managed, tracked, and implemented.



Data Analytics Consulting

The client lacked reliable and timely information to ensure the operation of a critical North American power grid region. The company’s in-house data professionals were unable to keep up with the growing backlog of analytical development projects or self-service data analysis.