Solutions You Can Trust

Theoris is an IT and engineering consulting firm specializing in strategic data management, analytics, application development and integration, data visualization, strategic IT solutions, cloud initiatives, and technical talent acquisition. We serve some of the largest medical device, biotech, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services enterprises with solutions for their most mission-critical processes and initiatives. 

Enhance | Build | Integrate | Analyze

From custom dashboards, data migration, and analytics to legacy systems and app development, Theoris can help wrangle unruly data, take it to the next level, and evolve systems and processes for true strategic data management solutions.  Whether enhancing a current system, building a solution from the ground up, developing a custom app, or sourcing skilled technical and executive talent, Theoris has been gettin’ it done for 40 years and counting.

No Matter the Data Conundrum, Theoris Can Solve It

Today’s business information landscape is complex. Do more with your data. Dive deeper. Maneuver and manipulate data in more meaningful ways. Be strategic. Be confident in your data analytics, enjoy a competitive advantage and operational excellence.

Have a Data Dilemma?

We’ve seen it all. No matter the IT or engineering hurdle, our team can help you overcome it. Here’s how:

  • Solve Complex Data Management Issues
  • Enhance a Legacy System or Build a Solution
  • Integrate, Manage & Analyze 
  • Develop & Integrate an App
  • Embark on Cloud Initiatives
  • Successfully Transition to the Cloud
  • Manage Mission-Critical Projects
  • Evaluate & Build a Roadmap 
  • Get Strategic Consulting
  • Source Skilled Technical Talent

Ready to put your data strategy into action?

Let’s discuss how we can help your company with data management, beautiful BI dashboards, software transformation, and technical talent staffing.