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Need to take your business to the next level? We're ready to dive in, strategize, and design a roadmap to solve your technical problems. Our team can help your organization flourish by manipulating data meaningfully, developing new and improved apps, creating unique dashboards, and migrating data from legacy systems. Need help finding skilled technical and executive talent? We've got you covered there, too!

We’re the guys and gals that figure it out, get it done and provide practical and effective solutions for 35 years and counting.

IT and engineering enthusiasts you can rely on

As an engineering and IT consulting firm specialized in strategic IT solutions and technical talent acquisition, we expertly serve those within the medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, education, and other demanding industries. We don’t just deliver and walk away, we stay to support, maintain, and enhance, as long as needed.

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We’re a data-obsessed and results-driven bunch

Discover how we empowered a manufacturing giant with data-driven success

Ready to conquer outdated tools hindering your decision-making process? Unveil the remarkable tale of a manufacturing powerhouse that harnessed data to outshine competitors in the engine parts market. With cutting-edge tech, we turned their data into actionable insights, empowering informed decision-making across the board. Explore our game-changing case study today!



Technologies we use to help our clients achieve remarkable outcomes


What we're pondering and discussing

February 15, 2024

From Idea to Implementation: Navigating the App Development Lifecycle

So, you have a great software idea, but what are the right steps to turn that into reality? We’ve seen it time and time again where […]
January 25, 2024

Choosing the Right Software for Your Business in 2024: Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom Solutions

Ever felt like your business software is more of a puzzle than a solution? You’re not alone. The struggles of juggling off-the-shelf (OTS) limitations or the […]
December 11, 2023

Theoris Honored as 2023 Remarkable Volunteer Group by Damar Services, Inc.

Damar Services, Inc. has named Theoris the 2023 Remarkable Volunteer Group in appreciation of our consistent commitment to improving our community. Throughout this year, our team […]

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