The Theoris IMPACT

Curious what the Theoris IMPACT is? Simply put, we like to leave our clients with the “eyebrow effect” – slightly raised brows at the end of a project indicating they’d been wowed by our service quality objectives (SQO).

Our work speaks for itself, but we really do enjoy going the extra mile for all of our clients. At our core, what drives our IMPACT is our dedication to our SQOs. We live by each one.

We take our service quality objectives seriously

Theoris IMPACT

The basics of good client service, we bring the right technical knowledge and skills each and every day.

Theoris IMPACT

We are a nimble and collaborative IT and engineering partner, quick and eager to meet new challenges head on.

Theoris IMPACT

We care about your success and take ownership of your business goals.

We safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of your business documents, strategies, and objectives.
Theoris IMPACT

We tailor our communications to your preference of mode and timing with appropriate sensitivity to your confidentiality.

Theoris IMPACT

We remain focused on the job at hand, as well as, practical and effective solutions.

Theoris IMPACT

We believe every person deserves courtesy and respect. It’s the foundation for strong relationships internally and externally.

Do our SQOs sound like you?
Explore a Theoris career!

Join a work culture based on people-centered values and an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth.

Indy Star Top Places To Work

We wish to thank all our employees for helping make Theoris a Top Workplace in Indianapolis in 2021 and 2023! We’ve continuously met or exceeded our clients’ expectations with our IT and engineering services since 1984, thanks in large part to your hard work.