About Theoris

IT & Engineering Enthusiasts

We are proud to be an IT and engineering phenomenon solving complex business challenges, wrangling unruly data, and sourcing perfect-fit technical and executive talent  – 40 years and counting.

So, what exactly makes us a phenomenon? Clients often note that we’re outstanding in our field but we’re from the Midwest so fields are aplenty! All kidding aside, our team comprises players with a unique combination of technical skill and a little comedic flair on the side. We are real people who engage on a personal level.  IT engineers with a first-rate sense of humor – a rare phenomenon – a unicorn per se, but we digress. 

Meet Theoris

As experts in our field, we know each business challenge is unique, and we strive to pinpoint the right solution for each customer, from custom dashboards and data migration to legacy systems, app development, and everything in between, including sourcing skilled technical and executive talent.

What sets us apart from our peers is our focus on strong relationships and our spirit of service. Family is at the essence of all we do. We believe in…

  • Listening first,
  • Communicating often,
  • Prioritizing transparency and 
  • Providing quality solutions with integrity and the highest level of customer service

Getting It Done

A nimble and collaborative IT and engineering partner, Theoris consistently builds outstanding custom solutions and solves complex data management and analytics challenges, all under the same ownership, since 1984.

We’re the guys and gals that figure it out, get it done and provide practical and effective solutions.

With more than 500 organizations served (and counting) within life science, healthcare, government, manufacturing, financial services, food and beverage and other demanding industries, we are a champion for leveraging IT and engineering to fuel innovation. 

Don’t let technology be your company’s stumbling block. Let the Theoris team pinpoint the right IT and/or engineering solution for your unique challenge.