A Successful Cloud Strategy Can Bring Blue Skies To Your Business!

Vexed by research for a cloud strategy for your organization? It happens. Successfully implementing a cloud strategy and infrastructure takes careful consideration. With an expert like Theoris on your side, you can turn storm clouds into fluffy white ones and have blue skies on your horizon. 

The big challenge is that cloud technology and best practices are ever-changing, but with over three decades of IT technology experience, Theoris is your in-the-know partner with the cloud expertise to help you navigate “cloud-y waters” with ease.

The cloud strategy capabilities of Theoris can assist with:

  • Web Application Development
  • Infrastructure
  • DevOps
  • Data Security
  • Cloud Migration Study
  • Cloud Migration Implementation
  • Assess the Best Cloud Solution for Your Business
  • Determine Cloud Readiness
  • Tailor a Custom Cloud Solution, and Infrastructure
  • Design, Build, and Implement
  • Migrate Custom Applications
  • Establish Governance Framework
  • Test and Optimize
  • Tackle Security and Compliance
  • Maintain and Support

Theoris Cloud Strategy at Your Service

Our skilled IT team members have expert experience in developing and integrating cloud solutions for key industries, including medical devices, pharmaceutical/biotech, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, financial services, and other demanding industries. 

Ready to successfully implement a cloud strategy for your business? Theoris can help.

Pharmaceutical Case Study

Connected Care Cloud


The client wanted to augment their technical team with expertise in system design for microservices deployed to Amazon Web Services.