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What are the benefits of contract staffing?

Trying to decide between hiring a permanent employee or bringing on a temporary one? Contract Staffing could be the answer. Contract Staffing is a recruiting service where a staffing agency provides a skilled employee to a business for a period of time or to complete a specific task.

Hiring a contractor has many advantages:

Contract Staffing Is Cost-Effective

Working with contractors eliminates many payroll and benefits expenses. Contractors only receive pay for the time they work. If they don’t come in, you aren’t responsible for paid time off or time in-between projects. You are also able to identify better talent with your budget. Since you are not paying for benefits or other employee expenses you can offer more money, which will attract better talent. If the project requires a niche or in demand skillset, contracting is often the only way to get the help you need.

Fast Turnaround

If you need an industry expert to help complete a time-sensitive project, a contractor is the best choice. Many recruiting agencies take the time to find expert talent and do background checks to assure the candidates are qualified. This eliminates training an existing employee. It also minimizes administrative and recruiting tasks that would slow you down.

As Needed Help

You may not need a full-time resource because your business has a lot of peaks and valleys. Contracting can offer the flexibility you need to meet capacity without having to lay employees off when work is slower. Contracting is also effective in helping you scale up as recruiting agencies often have a bench or pipeline they can draw from, to quickly meet your increase in demand.

Learning Opportunity For Existing Employees

Contract Staffing companies usually provide industry experts who have experience and best practices they can share with your team. This training occurs at no extra cost because your team works with the contractor and learns as they complete the project.

Try Before You Buy

Hiring an employee can often feel like you skipped the dating phase and jumped right into a marriage. It is hard to know if someone will fit your team’s culture or what their work ethic is like or if they can perform. Contracting bridges this gap by allowing you to date as long as you would like before committing to marriage.

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