Upper Network Mobile App

Client Challenge:
The client was using iOS (Apple) for its mobile application reaching only 65% of the target audience of college students. They also wanted to add more user ‘modules’ greatly expanding the usability of the application. The current mobile application has been in use for 3 years and also needed a complete overhaul on both the user interface and backend technology. The user demand has greatly changed and thus the user experience has been lacking.

Theoris Ignite consulted with the client and determined that React Native would allow for both iOS and Android usability without separate mobile platforms. It also allowed integration with the .NET backend. We also built new API’s for the data interchange. Finally, we also changed the user interface and developed a completely modernized mobile design with 15 new user screens.

• On track to have the project completed with an aggressive 5 months ‘go live.’
• The new web/ mobile front-end is over 100 times faster than the previous framework and allows for an almost unlimited number of concurrent users, with a completely redesigned UI.
• To accommodate the clients budget, we utilized a hybrid of on/offshore development managed internally to hit aggressive deadlines and project milestones.

Technologies: JavaScript, .NET, SQL Server
Software/Tools: React Native
Solution Type: Mobile Application/ Web Application
Industry: Colligate

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