Help during an emergency!

Life is crazy and sometimes we just need a helping hand. At Theoris, we do everything we can for you to be successful and prepared. That is why Lauryn, one of our recruiters, sprang into action when she heard that her candidate was experiencing an emergency while trying to get to her interview!

Lauryn called her candidate to make sure they didn’t have any other questions and to assure them they were going to kill it in their in-person interview. They told Lauryn they were heavily prepared and arrived at a library in downtown Indianapolis a couple of hours ago to ensure that they were equipped before arriving at the office building a few miles away.

There were only minutes till the start of the interview when Lauryn received a call from the candidate, who was frantic. They had lost their keys, couldn’t get into their car, and they didn’t know what to do. They were searching everywhere and said they were too far to walk or run. So, Lauryn had the genius idea to get an Uber to get them to the interview on time, and afterward, they could try to find their keys after the interview was over.

Since the candidate was still panicking and didn’t have the Uber app, Lauryn used her account to order the Uber and stayed on the phone with the candidate until the driver arrived to pick the candidate up. Lauryn then called the driver to explain the situation. The driver was up for the challenge to get them to the office building in time for their interview.

In the meantime, Lauryn made sure that the hiring manager and the director would be aware of the situation and that the candidate would be there shortly.

Despite the candidate being a few minutes late to the meeting, they were able to kill it at the interview and received and accepted an offer!

After the interview, the candidate was able to find her keys, and the new job allowed them to buy a new car that wouldn’t allow the keys to be locked in!