We love recognizing employees that go the extra mile at Theoris and display our core family values. Derek Rochester and Elaine Breen went the extra mile for some of our consultants that were in a tight spot.

Theoris Services partners with a global orthopedic manufacturer where we provide consultants to create customized design solutions. Due to the priority and confidentiality of what our consultants work on, this requires them to work onsite using secure internet connections and the client’s computers. When COVID-19 hit, the consultants were no longer allowed on site and had no way to continue their jobs.

Theoris did not want to have to lay off valuable members of our team, especially with unemployment climbing higher each day. So Theoris provided the 11 consultants with laptops with secure internet connections to complete their work from home.

Derek and Elaine, put together a plan to utilize existing work stations and transport them (by hand) to the consultants in a matter of a few days. This ensured continued employment for the team.