SharePoint (Office 365) Deployment

Client Challenge:
The client wanted to utilize an internal communications platform for employees but also allow outside users to have some (limited) access and to upload sensitive insurance documentation. The client also wanted to use SharePoint for the master document repository. The client was not fully compliant with electronic documentation.

Theoris Ignite consulted with the client with our internal SharePoint architect and all stakeholders from Marketing Communication to the CIO/ CTO level, as they were currently migrating all mailboxes to Office 365 and Azure Cloud hosting, as well as a massive electronic document migration of highly sensitive data. We provided an in-depth project proposal with accurate estimations and milestones. We also are providing post-launch training and roll-out.

• Result: ¾ Completed- Application is live. Currently working with 15 individual departments for a customized site

• Data migration has now been completed and is ready for internal external/ audit and validation. Data is now secured
  and encrypted.

• Deployment, rollout, and training is currently underway for all internal business units.

Technologies: .NET/ C#, SQL Server, Azure
Software/Tools: SharePoint migration toolset
Solution Type: Custom SharePoint/ Office 365 Deployment
Industry: Insurance

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