Laptop Donation to local High School

Theoris Group was pleased to donate 50 laptops to the Lawrence North High School. Located in Indianapolis, Lawrence North is a Four-Star School with over 2,300 students. The contribution will help support the school’s athletic program. Mike Penrose, Athletic Director, stated “the entire athletic / coaching staff will be able to benefit from this donation. This [technology] will help our coaches to better help their student-athletes”. Mike further expressed his gratitude on behalf of the entire school for Theoris’ generosity. “We are delighted to be able to make this contribution to the school and to be able to give back to our community.

My daughters have been actively involved with the school’s athletic program and I am extremely hopeful we are able to make a small, yet positive impact on the program,” says Jeff Cunningham, Theoris Group’s Director of Corporate Operations.


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