Rule #1 In Business

Rule #1: Don’t make it hard for me to give you money.

The ‘New Normal’.  I’m not exactly sure what that will be, yet, but I do know that buying habits will be forever different.  They will be less in-person and more virtual.  We will have more live chats and less handshakes.  We will entrust a video demonstration to show us that the weight and flex of a golf club is the feel we’ve been needing.  And, a picture will let us imagine what a decadent dessert may taste like.

After 2 months of remote working, a lot of clients, ranging from start-up to enterprise, have realized that they need to do transactions in a different way to accommodate these new buying habits.   Whether it’s creating your e-Commerce portal or upgrading the way your clients interact with your product virtually, Theoris can help.

We had a client that came to us to follow Rule #1.  We helped speed up the buying process, making their service easier to get.  Theoris worked with them to create an interactive experience with the product and then secured their eCommerce Portal.

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