leadership_imgA company’s greatest asset is its leaders. Effective leaders are customer-focused visionaries who have the influence to drive organizational change and set the direction for where and how their company delivers its products and/or services to its customers. When our clients have gaps or deficiencies in their IT leadership structure, they turn to Theoris Services as a trusted partner to help fill those critical roles.

Theoris Services is able to provide seasoned and talented thought-leaders who can quickly adapt and understand our clients’ organizational culture and technology environment. The primary roles we offer in the leadership area include:

  • CIO / Director: experienced IT professionals who have performed as a senior IT executive – e.g. CIO, CTO, IT Director, Service Delivery Manager, etc.
  • Product Managers: vision setting professionals who provide the conduit for maximizing product businesses value, technology implementation, and user experience.
  • Project Managers: senior-level Project Managers, primarily PMPs, who are experienced with delivering mission critical projects with fast, predictable results.
  • Architects: solution-minded consultants who have the ability to take a given set of requirements and apply a framework by which a system’s overall structure, logical components, and interfaces can be designed for development.