WFH Employee Checklist

More than ever before, people around the world are trying to work from home – if they can. WFH can be challenging and even difficult with all the distractions and interruptions – including children and roommates. We at Theoris want to help by offering a proven plan we have seen help employees be successful while WFH.

Do I have an environment that enables me to succeed?

  • Make sure you have the right tech & hardware. This includes everything from computers, monitors, cameras, printers, scanners, and phones.
  • Connectivity is crucial. Not all internet providers or service plans are the same. There are many different levels of packages available that offer a lot in the way of speed, bandwidth (how many devices can be connected at once) as well as security. Limit how many people are online at your home at once. This will affect the quality of your video conferences. Your office tech support should be able to help guide you toward the best options.
  • Establish a structured and separate “work” space. Avoid high traffic locations or places associated with leisure time like the couch, close to the TV, or somewhere you’re easily interrupted. Having a dedicated space will make it easier to mentally transition into a work mindset.

How do I stay productive and hit my goals?

  • Create a schedule/plan that is prioritized based on deliverables, due dates and priorities. Be organized for the day and avoid doing things on the fly as much as possible. Emergencies will arise, but it’s best to have a plan. Blocking your calendar for specific reoccurring tasks will help you be focused and more productive.
  • Maintain regular hours, working when you are most productive. If you are a morning person, get started early. After all, you don’t have that pesky commute to look forward to.
  • Set ground rules with others in your home. It’s easy to get interrupted when you’re at home. Make sure others know when you have meetings and need minimal background noise.
  • Agree on aggressive goals with your boss and ask him to keep you accountable. Some call this “Commit to doing more”. Challenging yourself helps you stay focused.
  • Avoid personal distractions like social media, TV, family, kids, dogs, etc. Background music can be good, soothing, and mood-setting, but some things can be disruptive.

How do I keep emotionally and mentally healthy when I feel isolated or alone?

  • Take structured and planned breaks, including a change of scenery. For lunch plan to go outside, take a bike ride, work out, etc.
  • Make sure you socialize while on the phone with clients and coworkers. Before getting to business, take a moment and socialize with coworkers and even clients. Ask them about their day or plans for the weekend.
  • Embrace the webcam. Talking to and seeing the person you are meeting with increases communication and can raise your spirit. Frequent touch points will make you feel less isolated and more a part of a collaborative team.

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