Theoris Vision Software®

Theoris Vision Software® is the key to unlocking the deep insight that your data can deliver. Vision provides web-based performance dashboards allowing decision makers across the organization to have immediate access to the information they need to make good decisions with confidence.

The Theoris Vision Software Solution Platform brings together 2 separate and powerful business intelligence solutions.

Vision Connect Application

An ETL application that accesses and transforms information from virtually any data source and formats it for easy use by business user.

Vision Server Application

A BI application that allows users to create content including KPIs, Maps, reports and dashboards with simple wizards and intuitive point and click interface.

The Theoris Vision Software Solution Platform enables detailed understanding and deep insight into organizational performance with drill-down capabilities for root cause analysis enabling timely, accurate, and more informed decisions. Vision can access data from any source regardless of where that information resides – including audited management reports, business intelligence systems, enterprise applications, and the Internet.



Unlike traditional dashboard and reporting technologies, Vision delivers business dashboards that fully leverage the organization’s existing investment without the need for expensive interfaces, data warehouses, or manual intervention. Vision is the ultimate solution for all financial reporting, regulatory compliance, and performance management initiatives.

Theoris Vision Software® makes it easy to manage your business using management dashboards with your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs can be set-up by the user in a matter of minutes and users can easily build their own business intelligence dashboards with an intuitive, wizard-driven process.